Who We Are

We are a 1-stop nursery for household, subsistence and commercial farming.

Welcome Mzanzi

GrowBox Nursery is a social enterprise that aims to take basic food nutrition to the people who needs it the most, while fostering the development of sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

We provide easy and convenient veggie garden boxes to consumers who do not have sufficient space to grow their own vegetables.

Our Success timeline

2016 Product development & Market research
2017 Funding drive commences
2018 Expansion commences
2019 Supplier drive
2020 Launch e-commerce platform
GrowBox CEO - Renschia Manuel

The history behind GrowBox

Being unemployed and having to feed 4 children had forced Renschia Manuel to grow vegetables in her own backyard in order to feed her family. This sparked the drive to teach households how to grow their own food at their homes.

The knowledge that many households had no access to land in order to grow their own food had prompted me to develop GrowBox.

Now GrowBox Nursery supports households with growing their own food sustainably for a brighter future.

Our Value Proposition

Urban Agriculture

The urban agriculture opens the opportunity for urban spaces to be utilised as community gardens.

Sustainable Development

We employ and engage with community members to help with the planting, maintenance and harvesting of crops.

Food Security

The urban farmers’ market will not only sell produce farmed by the local community but, will also be a space for local artisans to sell their goods too.


Our GrowBoxes are built to last long


We are conscious green warriors


We use only the best natural soil

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